Hammock Camping & Gathering 2017


Sharing Session Panel 1

A story of girl battle to survive 19 days lost at Gunung Tahan

Sharing Session Panel 2

The self-confidence and spirit of a woman who has traveled on a 60 days bicyclist in Korea

Sharing Session Panel 3

A man with Dyslexia that had traveled around the world and can read, write and speak 7 languages

Sharing Session Panel 4

Corpse handling if something happen when we hiking, the right way how to handle Jenazah. Are we prepare for it?

Sharing Session Panel 5

The story of the journey of life and fighting of a man with brain tumor and just had surgery to remove his tumor. But that does not stop him from traveling alone in some parts of Asia to appreciate the beauty of the nature of the Creation of God beyond his misery


Hammock Camping & Gathering 2017

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